Self-Defense Tactics – How To Throw A Shuriken


Shuriken, the famed throwing stars, have intrigued many with their ninja and martial arts connections. While not a top choice for self-defense today, mastering the skill of throwing shuriken is a fun and challenging pursuit. In this article, we delve into the art of shuriken and the self-defense tactics linked to these unique projectiles.

Understanding Shuriken and Their Types

  1. Anatomy of a Shuriken Shuriken come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, but most consist of a flat, multi-pointed metal disc. The points are generally razor-sharp and designed for puncturing or cutting on impact. Some shuriken have holes in the center, which not only reduce weight but also serve to create an audible distraction when thrown.
  2. Types of Shuriken There are several different types of shuriken, each with its own purpose and throwing technique:
  • Bo Shuriken: These are long, nail-like shuriken, usually with a cylindrical or blade-like shape. Bo shuriken are thrown with a spinning technique that stabilizes their flight.
  • Hira Shuriken: Hira shuriken are the classic star-shaped throwing shuriken. They are known for their versatility and are typically thrown with a straight throw.
  • Senban: Senban are four-pointed shuriken that are typically smaller and lightweight. They are effective for throwing in rapid succession.
  • Kakushi Buki: These are concealed weapons, such as hidden spikes or blades that can be used for surprise attacks.

Mastering the Shuriken Throwing Techniques

Choosing the Right Shuriken Selecting the appropriate shuriken for your skill level and purpose is crucial. Beginners should start with hira shuriken, as they are the most forgiving in terms of throwing technique. As you gain experience, you can explore other types of shuriken.

Gripping the Shuriken The grip is a fundamental aspect of successful shuriken throwing. There are two common ways to grip a shuriken:

  • Pinch Grip: Hold the shuriken between your thumb and index finger. This grip is suitable for hira shuriken and allows for more control over the throwing angle.
  • Hammer Grip: Hold the shuriken as you would a hammer, with your fingers wrapped around the handle. This grip is preferred for bo shuriken and provides stability during the spinning throw.

Throwing Techniques The choice of throwing technique depends on the type of shuriken and the desired target. Here are some basic shuriken throwing techniques:

  • Straight Throw: Used for hira shuriken, senban, and smaller shuriken. Stand with your dominant foot forward, aim at the target, and use a quick flick of the wrist to propel the shuriken forward in a straight line.
  • Overhand Throw: This technique is often employed for hira shuriken. Stand perpendicular to the target, extend your arm overhead, and release the shuriken with a forward motion.
  • Underhand Throw: Typically used for hira shuriken, this technique involves standing in front of the target, extending your arm underhand, and releasing the shuriken with a sweeping motion.
  • Spinning Throw: Suited for bo shuriken, this technique involves holding the shuriken with a hammer grip and giving it a spinning motion as you throw. The shuriken rotates during flight, making it more accurate.

Practicing Accuracy and Consistency Mastery of shuriken throwing requires patience, precision, and practice. Start with short distances and gradually increase the range as you improve your accuracy. Keep a consistent form and technique to ensure reliable results.

Legal and Ethical Considerations of Shuriken Use

  • Legal Restrictions and Regulations Before attempting to learn and practice shuriken throwing, it’s essential to research the legal regulations in your area. In many places, the possession and use of shuriken or any concealed weapons are strictly regulated or prohibited. Violating these laws can result in severe legal consequences. Always prioritize legal and ethical considerations in your pursuit of self-defense skills.
  • Ethical Use of Shuriken for Self-Defense Shuriken aren’t practical for self-defense in modern times. Choose effective, legal tools like pepper spray, alarms, or martial arts. Prioritize ethical use, focusing on de-escalation and avoiding harm.


Shuriken throwing is a fascinating martial art with deep historical and cultural roots. While it may not be the most practical self-defense skill in modern times, mastering the art of throwing shuriken can be a rewarding hobby. It combines concentration, precision, and dexterity, and learning the techniques associated with shuriken can be an enjoyable journey of self-improvement.

Shuriken use is often restricted or prohibited in many areas. Prioritize legal and effective self-defense methods. Shuriken throwing can be a unique and fulfilling pursuit when approached as an art and discipline.