Rising COVID-19 Cases Bring More Severe Symptoms for Many 

Unites States: COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are increasing across United States. Some people who got reinfected say it’s the worst they’ve felt yet.  

While the new variants of COVID-19 don’t seem to be making people sicker in California or across the country, doctors warn that this rise can still cause serious illness, even if people don’t end up in the emergency room or hospital. 

“The dogma is that every time you get COVID, it’s milder. But I think we need to keep our minds open to the possibility that some people have worse symptoms,” Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, a UC San Francisco infectious diseases expert, said to The Los Angeles Times.  

To Chin-Hong, each time you have COVID, it’s “kind of like playing COVID roulette.” 

Reported in Nation and World News, the worst symptoms are experienced by the people nationwide and also this is very important to note that everyone’s experience with COVID is different and influenced by a number of the factors. 

And more importantly it is difficult to track that how many more people are experiencing more severe symptoms compared to the previous infection. 

And certainly that has not stopped those people who showed their symptoms on social medial telling people that how much sick they are now from the recent subvariants of COVID which have been nicknamed as FLiRT. 

Patients who’ve been experiencing the symptoms: 

(Data collected from Nation and World News) 

“I’ve had COVID a few times but this is the worst I’ve had it,” one person wrote on Reddit. They also reported recurring fever and being incredibly congested they couldn’t breathe out of their nose, “terrible sinus pressure and headache … and I can’t stand up for too long without feeling like I’m about to pass out.” 

“Previously COVID just felt like the common cold, but this strain is [wreaking] havoc,” the person wrote. “I don’t like to complain like this, but I’m shocked at how much it’s taking me out.” 

Another person revealed that their “throat feels like razor blades,” adding that they’re “in living misery.”  

“I have so much phlegm, but it hurts so bad to cough because my throat is on literal fire!!” the person wrote. “This is my 4th time having COVID and I swear I feel like this is the worst it’s ever been!!” 

People who somehow managed to avoid catching COVID caught it this summer: 

One person who was ill and tested positive for the first time after hosting a Father’s Day gathering for 12 people said they experienced “uncontrollable body-shaking chills so bad I couldn’t feel most of my fingertips.” 

A 42-year-old nurse, who caught COVID four times, mentioned that their latest bout with the virus has been “intense with fevers, cough, head pressure and pain. It’s attacking my throat and ability to swallow.” 

Others, though, have argued that each bout with COVID has been easier to recover from, where one person who caught COVID for the first time wrote that they had “super mild symptoms [that] just feels like a seasonal allergy” flare-up. 


There are some studies which support the idea that later the COVID infections have additional risks and 2022 report in the journal Nature Medicines about the veterans found that, In comparison with non-infected people, the cumulative risks and burdens of repeat infections increased  according to the number of infections,” which heightens the risk of medical issues, hospitalizations and death.